Specialised Services

Specialised Services






Bush Fire Control


NSW RFS - Call When Needed

With our AS350 and new BK117 Helicopter we are able to be called upon to support all emergency services when required.

We have a belly tank, water bucket, cargo hook and the ability to carry upto 10 passengers when required, in an emergency to assist with emergency services.

Survey and mapping work, our Bell 206 has already done several years of work with NSW RFS.

Our medium ridgid Fuel tanker has supplied fuel to many aircraft over the last few years in fire and flood emergencies.

To add to our fleet, we have a semi trailer fuel tanker for Jet A1 to supply to larger aircraft and for longer periods.












Agricultural Services

For all your agricultural services

  • Spraying Herbicides & Pesticides
  • Lifting
  • Fertiliser Spreading
  • Feral Animal Control
  • Dust Suppression
  • Survey Services
  • Mouse Baiting




Cherry Drying

With cherries coming into season we have our Low Level FLying endorsement on our Air Operator's Certificate. 

Straight after rain we can hover over the trees and dry them so the extra moisture doesnt damage any of the fruit. 









Vermin Control

Feral and Disease Animal Control 


Orange Helicopters has obtained their Class D licence and our AOC has its endorsement to carry and discharge firearms.

Therefore, we can help our farming community to keep their properties under control with feral animals. 

If you wish to organise feral animal control, please contact us for more informaiton.









Anytime, anywhere!

HELICOPTER REFUELING is available for Jet A1.

We have our medium ridgif tanker ready to refuel any aircraft required. 

Available 24/7, including weekends. 

Our contact details are also on ERSA.