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Unlock the thrilling world of aviation with Flight Training & comprehensive programs. Whether you’re pursuing a professional pilot career or simply fulfilling a lifelong dream, Flight Training offers expert instruction that equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the skies.

Orange Helicopters Flight Training

Embark on a transformative journey with Orange Helicopters Flight Training. From novice aviators to seasoned professionals, our diverse range of courses provides unparalleled training experiences. Whether you’re aiming to navigate the night skies, master aerial firefighting, or dance in formation flights, our dedicated instructors ensure each pilot soars with confidence and competence. Dive deep into our offerings and elevate your aviation aspirations.

We offer a range of courses and certifications to fit your aviation aspirations. Dive into the opportunities we provide below:


Learn to Fly

Private Pilot Licence

Begin your journey in the skies. This course equips students with foundational skills, ensuring safety and competence as a private helicopter pilot.

Commercial Pilot Licence

Elevate your passion with our Commercial Pilot course. From transport to rescue, embrace diverse helicopter careers.

Single Engine Helicopter Class Ratings

Master single-engine helicopters with our hands-on training, ensuring precise and controlled flights

Multi Engine Helicopter Type Ratings

Delve deep into multi-engine helicopter operations and tackle the intricacies of managing additional power and systems.

NVFR Ratings (Night Visual Flight Rules)

Conquer the night skies. Our NVFR ratings course prepares pilots for the unique challenges of flying after dark.

Low Level Flight Training

This course covers essential techniques for low altitude flying, from maneuvering to understanding airflow near the surface.

Low Level Mustering

Specialise in herding and livestock management from the sky. A unique and demanding skill, our training ensures pilots can muster with precision and care.

Aerial Application (Fire) Approvals

This training empowers pilots with the skills to combat wildfires, safeguarding communities and natural landscapes.

Formation Flight Training

Fly in tandem. Our formation flight course teaches pilots the art and science of synchronised flying, perfect for displays and events. 

Winch/Sling/Rappel Approvals

From cargo transport to rescue missions, master the use of winches, slings, and rappelling from a helicopter.

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