Bell 407

A four-blade, single-engine aircraft ensures a smooth journey. It features panoramic bubble windows, luxury leather seating, and AC. Enjoy music through Bluetooth. The Bell 407 also supports emergency services, highlighting its versatility.

8 Passengers

The AS350, or Squirrel, is a versatile single-engine helicopter with superior maneuverability, visibility, and low cabin vibrations. Proven in the 2019-2020 Merimbula fires, it also offers scenic flights and wedding services, seating six, including the pilot.

6 Passengers

A dual-engine, high-performance helicopter, it’s the first domestically produced model. This represents a significant milestone in local aerospace manufacturing. Designed for diverse applications, it aids in emergencies like fires, floods, and urgent transport, ensuring reliability in critical situations.

10 Passengers

The Bell 206 L4, or Long Ranger, is a two-blade, single-engine chopper by Bell, seating seven (6 passengers, 1 pilot). Designed for diverse uses, it aids in emergencies like fires, floods, and urgent transport.

6 Passengers


A Robinson 44 which seats up to 4 (3 seat passengers) Used for tourism and our Flight Training School.

4 Passengers


A Robinson 22 is used for our Flight Training School, Mustering and Survey Work.

2 Passengers