BK117 B2

A dual-engine, high-performance helicopter, it’s the first domestically produced model. This represents a significant milestone in local aerospace manufacturing. Designed for diverse applications, it aids in emergencies like fires, floods, and urgent transport, ensuring reliability in critical situations.

10 Passengers

A four-blade, single-engine aircraft ensures a smooth journey. It features panoramic bubble windows, luxury leather seating, and AC. Enjoy music through Bluetooth. The Bell 407 also supports emergency services, highlighting its versatility.

8 Passengers

The Bell 206 L4, or Long Ranger, is a two-blade, single-engine chopper by Bell, seating seven (6 passengers, 1 pilot). Designed for diverse uses, it aids in emergencies like fires, floods, and urgent transport.

6 Passengers

The AS350, or Squirrel, is a versatile single-engine helicopter with superior maneuverability, visibility, and low cabin vibrations. Proven in the 2019-2020 Merimbula fires, it also offers scenic flights and wedding services, seating six, including the pilot.

6 Passengers