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For immediate Freight solutions, City to Mines or a family holiday over or vast ranges of Australia


In the vast landscapes of our world, distance often stands as a barrier between us and our aspirations. At Orange Helicopters, we challenge this norm. Our long-distance helicopter charters redefine travel, merging the realms of luxury, efficiency, and exploration.

Accross Australia Holiday

Rock Uluru

Ayres Rock

Explore the vast expanses of our nation like never before with our long-distance helicopter charters. Seamlessly connect between cities, landmarks, and remote destinations, turning hours-long journeys into breathtaking experiences.

Bell 206 Original

Lake Ayre

Elevate your travel experience to a realm of unparalleled comfort and convenience. Our long-distance charters aren’t just about reaching your destination; they’re about relishing the journey. With plush interiors and state-of-the-art amenities, travel great distances while enjoying every moment.

DSC 1045

Flinders Ranges

Whether it’s for business, emergency response, or specialised missions, our long-distance charters are equipped to meet the demands of critical operations. With advanced navigation systems and a fleet of versatile helicopters, we ensure timely and efficient transport over extended ranges.


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Tourism to Emergency Services, Agriculture Work & Enjoyable Holidays

Yes, each aircraft has a weight variable – This various with each aircraft

Our aircraft can carry up to 4 – 10 passengers.